About Our Firm


Since 2008, Lagmann, Inc. is a mission-driven, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) legal cooperative.  Our mission is to provide our community with low-cost legal services to those who do not

qualify for or cannot afford  other representation.


What does "lagmann" mean?


"Lagmann" translates to "lawyer" in several languages in northern Europe; traditionally, a community had but one or a few "lagmann" who were appointed by the people and stood on equal footing with the local clergy and kings.  Often acting as a voice of reason and temperance, the lagmann sought to protect the rights and the will of the people.  Over time, those positions transposed into what we now call ombudsmen and lawyers.


The attorneys at Lagmann, strive to revive the traditional role of the lagmann, as a legal voice for the people, by offering affordable legal services to the under-privileged throughout selected counties in Wisconsin.


What is "folkright"?


See a brief history here.